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Critical Autoethnography is now available in a second and final edition. Available for purchase by Routledge and Amazon.



Critical Autoethnography: Intersecting Cultural Identities in Everyday Life, Second Edition, examines the development of the field of critical autoethnography through the lens of social identity. Contributors situate interpersonal and intercultural experiences of gender, race, ethnicity, ability, citizenship, sexuality, and spiritualiity within larger systems of power, oppression, and privilege.


"In this groundbreaking volume, Robin and Mark bring together autoethnographic and critical standpoints to examine everyday interpersonal and cultural experiences of identity from the inside out. The authors gently, lovingly, vulnerably, and incisively extend the work of autoethnography and invite us--all of us--to appreciate the ways in which an intersectional approach reveals the relationships among culture, communication, identity, emotions, and everyday lived experience. "


- From the Foreword by Carolyn Ellis and Arthur Bochner

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